The start of an adventure!

Hello, and welcome to my blog. It is still not finished, and there will be many changes, but this will be the place to go during the oncoming year to follow my bicycle trip from Sweden to Japan!

First, a small introduction of me!
My name is Jackiie Samuelsson and is at this time 23 years old. I am living in Västerås, Sweden, and have been hiking more or less my whole life. I have been traveling a lot but never in a close-to-culture kind if way as this bicycle trip will be!

A little more than a year ago, I decided to quit college. At almost the same time as I was searching for a job, I got the idea to do this trip. Since then I have been working towards my goal by earning money and knowledge. Today, it is just some hours more than eleven days until I will start my trip, though it feels as the last year went by fast!

I will try to update this blog when I have internet access, which could be from every day to every week. Before the trip I will fix the design, and also post about the gear, the chosen path and other relevant info!

Welcome to join me at my first big adventure!
/Jackiie Samuelsson


News articles

Ten days ago my first article went live on Västmanlands Läns Tidning. Follow the link below to read it!

Also, the second article came out today in Västerås Tidning, which you may read below. My article is on page number eight!
Both newspapers are in swedish.

Another interview!

Last thursday I was interviewed by Audrey Erath! There were no specific article in mind, but more like an interview to get to know me and learn about my trip before I go so that she may write an article in the future when the opportunity strikes! She also took the picture I am using as header of this blog right now. It was a nice interview with many perspectives!

You may check her blog out (swedish) at the link below:

Last meeting with my scout group!

Yesterday I hade the last meeting with my scout group, Da Kurkuts, before I go! We made our own hamburgers and grilled them outside. On the picture is one of my scout leaders, Anna.



I have also started packing my apartment, and it starts to feel really empty even though we haven’t moved that much stuff. The positive thing is that it goes pretty fast!

Not many days left!

6 hours left

With help from Demonen I have now cleaned my apartment and packed all my stuff. We are really tired but it’s really tidy! As I do not have access to my bed anymore I will sleep at her floor, so that I do not have to unpack my sleeping gear. Now, it’s time for some sleep before getting ready to go!


Second day – now in Linköping

This day went better than the first one in terms of finding the right way!

I left at 11.00 in the morning, which was pretty la, but it was nice to sleep. Then, I went to Norrköping. On the way there I asked to borrow a water heater from a person so I could prepare my food. They held me company for lunch, and told me they themselves had been bike touring earlier. for example 1750 kilometers from north to south Sweden! I had a good time at the lunch break.

Then, I met a person in Norrköping that had read the article in VLT. It was a nice little chat, he himself has done a journey in spain, walking 800 kilometers!

Now, I am at Cissis place in Linköping. I got really nice food, with cheese!


Soon I am going to bed, preparing for an interview tomorrow! Good night!

Stay at home day

As I did not feel well last night or in the morning, I postponed my trip a little. After having stomach problems for a few hours, I found on google what I thought: I had biked too hard the last three days. Today, I have been sleeping and trying to get good food in my stomach, but tomorrow I’ll continue again.
My original plan bas to bike two days and rest one day, but as I wanted to get down to a scout event in Höör I tested to press myself. Apparently 355 kilometers in three days were too much, but I’m still learning. Hopefully, now I won’t do this mistake again!
Also, the article in Corren went online last evening. You can see all my news articles on the page “News articles” next to “Home” and “About”!

The article is in swedish: