On the road again!

I have not yet really regained all the energy, but I did at least go about 90 kilometers today.

Me and my bike in Huskvarna!

I did feel pretty slow during the day, but as I started early, I still managed to get both some kilometers, long breaks and another interview done. This time, it was in Värnamo, and the article will be published tonight or tomorrow, and then linked from here (still in swedish though).
As I got at least around 170 kilometers until Höör, I guess I’ll arrive at saturday lunch/evening, but everything can’t always go as you want to!
I got a new high in “rolling speed”, the speed the bicycle can get to without help from me pedalling. 52.7 kilometers per hour, and still really steady! Fun was it!

A wonderful, steep hill!

Today, it was raining from start until lunch. I had the luck to get invited by a really nice women who were home with her children so that I could take my pre-noon snack indoor, instead of in the rain. In the afternoon it has been raining in small sections, bot mostly just cloudy or even sunny. It really poured down when I put up my tent, but it stopped two minutes after. 😉
This is my first tent night on this trip, and so far it’s nice. At least I am tired, so I guess I will sleep well!

Also, during the interview, I got two baguettes by a nice man, friend to the journalist, owning a restaurant at the same street as the news house.

Now it’s time to sleep, and tomorrow, new adventures awaits!

The friendliness of people

This day started when I heard voices not long from my tent. I had put it up on an industry as it was a red day today, and thought that no one would work. No problems though, they were really nice, and even offered me breakfast! I already had the baguettes from the day before, otherwise it would have been really great.
I started pretty late, everything was packed and ready at eleven. When I later that day went through Lagan, I was going to refill my water bottles. The people I talked with even offered me pie, and it was really good!


When I started feeling tired, I was going to refill water and find a place for my tent. The first house I asked at, he invited me for a drink. Then, I was permitted to pitch my tent in his garden, but it went better. His dad went by and talked with us for a bit. Later, we went over to his dads place and ate dinner (chicken with noodles – yummy!)!
In the end I didn’t even have to pitch my tent as I got to sleep in his guest house!

I reached my first goal!

Today I finally reached my first goal, I am in Höör!
I ate breakfast at 0730 and was on my way at 0900. I felt much better today, I think I have regained all my energy since my sick day. I pushed pretty much as I felt I really wanted to join the scout camp as soon as possible.
When I paused for lunch I met some friends!


Then, I continued to push, and tried not to do any long stops. Refilled my water in Markaryd where i also got treated two after eights by a the nice man!
Continued, and had to refill water again in Hörja where I got some water melon.
At 1655 I arrived at the camp. By that time I hade done 95 kilometres since 0900 and it felt pretty good!
At around 1800 they served dinner. It was grilled sausage, corn, cous-cous-salad and bearnise. Some hours after that it was time for “Lägerbål”, where we gather around the camp fire, sing songs and look at small performances.

I had a really good evening overall, and they also pulled me up to tell them about my oncoming journey.

I also had the opportunity to wash my clothes and take a shower here, which was well needed. Also, it is nice to meet new scout people from other places than the usual ones!

Another article is published!

My first scout camp has ended!

I have been a scout for only 2.5 years, but in that time it has mostly been scout hikes and courses. Therefore, the scout camp at Finngården, with Scoutkåren Finn, was my first one. Although I could not participate from the beginning, the time I was there were lovely. The camp fire yesterday with all the singing and performances, all the good talk with people both young and old, and the spirit in all! I had a good first scout camp with good memories.
Then, I went into Lund, and took it pretty fast (50 kilometres in 2.5 hours inclusive breaks) even though I had head wind all the way. Not much slopes here in Skåne although!
Later me and Lizzie joined with the leaders from the scout camp and ate pizza. Now we are at Lizzies apartment, and tomorrow I may leave Sweden! Nice!

Also, the scouts like old jokes:


I have left the country!

Now, it feels much more real. I have actually left the country. Even if it is only Denmark, I really feel that I am on my way!
The day started at Lizzies apartment. I had to buy some stuff that I did not have since before, so I went into the city to Naturkompaniet. There, I bought a “mini towel”, a cup, a bottle for fuel and a Trangia 27-3 UL instead of my 25-1 UL. I had forgotten my methanol burner at home, and also wanted a extra tamoj if the other one would break or get lost, and had thought of buying the smaller Trangia to save space. As they did not have the 27-1, I also got a non-stick pan. I really have to say it is much smaller in the bag!
I also bought a saddle cover at a nearby bike store as I have a leather saddle and must protect it against rain.
When I came home, Lizzie were making pancakes that we were going to have for breakfast. They were really delicious, and it was more than a week since the last time I got to eat pancakes!

After packing my stuff I went to Malmö. There I had a small meeting with Eli, talking about my trip and doing a small interview. It was really nice, and Eli is a really energetic person! We were talking about maybe meeting up around Iran-Kazakstan, and who knows, it could be fun!
We had the meeting at her balcony with a really good view over Malmö.
Then, it was time to try and get out of the city. I went to the petrol station closest to the bridge and started asking around. I got no luck, but a taxi driver told me to get to the round-about nearby and try there. I made a sign and stood there while talking with Ronja over the phone. It took around half an hour, but at last a person stopped. It was a danish scout, which was really fun as I am a scout myself!

She gave me the alternative to take my bike to their scout centre and sleep there overnight. 19 kilometrers later I am at the scout centre, called Hvissingespejder I think!
She and her son Bjørn went to the scout centre to unlock the bathroom house and also show me around a little bit. I even got more field meal breakfasts and some tea! 😀
The first night abroad is really going well so far. Hopefully my whole trip will go this good. As I do not have wifi all the time, I will not be able to post daily, but I will still try to write daily, so you may get a bunch of posts at a time.
Good night world!

Finally bought suncreen

I had a long nights sleep and went up at 0930. I made some breakfast, consisting of a field meal and tea.

I started biking around 1130.
It has not happened really much today, but it has been pretty nice winds. I have biked 91 kilometres, and have finally bought sun screen in Roskilde. I also ate lunch after i had left Roskilde.

At around 1600, I made a stop and bought an ice cream. The temperature has been around 26-27 degrees celsius all day long, it is really hot!

Right now I am sitting at McDonalds and preparing my dinner. After that I have to find somewhere to sleep if I do not get an answer on Couchsurfing soon. I have my hopes up! 😀
Added 2144: everybody directed me to a hostel, so I went there. My first paid night on this trip, but at least I got to take a shower and wash through my clothes a little. I put up my tent near a pole for caravans, so I got electricity! 😀
Good night!

Unexpected stay for the night

The day started nice. Slept until 0800, before I went in to pay for the night. I also borrowed the kitchen to boil some water for the breakfast.
I took it easy, talked with Jakob over Skype and fixed some things on the internet while still having wifi.
I also fixed my brakes as they started to be a little bit too loose, but now they are as new!
Then I set off, 20 kilometres, to the petrol station closest to the bridge. On the way I bought some food as my field meals are coming to an end. At the petrol station I made my lunch out of pasta, mozzarella, pepperoni and peanuts. It was delicious! Also, while counting according to the packages, it stopped at around 1200 kcal, and I am still full four hours later.

This was my first meal made on this Trangia, and it was really easy and really good!
Then I tried to get a lift over the bridge. After fifteen minutes I started to get tired of it and looked up the station, which was one kilometre away, so I decided to at least look up the prices. As it was only around 31 SEK for a ticket with bicycle I went with it. The train was late, so all in all I got to stay more than an hour at the station.

After I went off the train in Nyborg, I started biking against Odense. I checked for wifi sometimes and looked at my couch requests, but as I had done them the same day, I got no answers. I also tried to call two different camping places, but as the clock were pretty much (around 1900 or later I think) no one answered. While biking around in Odense, waiting for an answer, I started to ask around for some backyard to just pitch my tent on. I lady told me she could show me to the camping, but on the way, told me I could stay at there place. I though that it meant pitch my tent on their backyard, but I were much more lucky than so! I have showered, been eating (scrambled eggs, a banana, sandwiches with ham and cheese, tomatoes) and also done a lunch pack for tomorrow. Sometimes you really got to be lucky! 😀

20140611-215926-79166815.jpgIt will be a pretty early day tomorrow, around 0615 I think, but it is worth it! Also it is good to maybe finally get an early start. 😉
Good night world!

First day at the community

Today the day started early for once. I woke up at 0600 and went up at 0615. The family I stayed at were as nice as the day before. I had gotten a little dessert after dinner and also made a lunch package containing some sandwiches with ham and cheese!
As they went to work, I went to one of the couch surfing hosts that had answered at the night before when I had already gotten a place to stay at. I decided to go there and live there for at least one night as I felt my body needed a little rest. It was nine kilometers away, so it went pretty fast. Once in Holmstrup I asked for the way and got directions. I was a little confused and wanted to ask a young man trimming the hedge for directions. I asked for the community and he said it was there. I asked for my contact person, and it was him. Lucky as usual!
I got a tour around the building, and the place were much huger than I had imagined. After the tour, it was close to breakfast, and as I had already eaten I joined them for company which was really nice. After that  I started with giving my plant some more soil. Even if I think it is already lost, I want to try to revive it as long as possible!

Then I unpacked some things and gathered my laundry as I had the option to wash here. After that I helped out with making the dinner ready, which was some kind of salad, and I think it went really nice!

This is the little hut I am living in right now:

It is more than big enough for one person, even though the toilet and shower are in another building. There are many buildings here: Buildings to live in, but also a building for dancing/partying, a building with all the kitchen and food storage and also a gardening building.



After lunch time, I went into the city as I had something I wanted to buy for my Trangia (a Multidisc). There, I also had frozen yoghurt at some place, where you pick everything by yourself – there is a dozen of options for flavors, and even more for toppings – the regular toppings, but also candy, strawberrys, white chocolate and licorice!
Then I went out to a basar (a market) as I got tipsed about from the guy I made dinner with at the community. There, I bought some bread, and also found a pair of shorts on second hand, as I did not have any ordinary shorts with me. They are really lightweight and packable, and only cost 30 DKK. Cheap enough for me!

Back at the community, I was going to make my own food, but one of them told me I had worked enough for a dinner, which was really nice. It was delicious!

They also had their homemade honey to have on the sandwiches.
After dinner, around 2130, we went by car to a nearby lake and took a walk. Then we bought some ice cream, went home, I showered and talked with friends over the phone and now this long day is coming to an end.
I have one more day, and one more night after this, and then I am going to continue my bike trip!
Good night!