The big day!

So, the day for my brothers wedding was here!
The day started, of course, with waking up and making breakfast. For some variation, Ronja and I ate pancakes, before I had to drive her down to the station to the train and once again say goodbye.
I was then taking a shower and making all preparations needed, which was almost prepared since before.
My grandparents on my dads side came by at eleven as I was going to drive them to the church at 1130.
We came a bit early, as we think that is better than too late, so we took some pictures of the outfit for the day.


The wedding was really beautiful, and I can’t say how happy I am for them! My brother Tim and Maria met on the day nine years ago at the drop zone in Stockholm, and have been a lovely couple through the years. I do not personally have many pictures of the wedding, so I steal this one from the wedding photos taken between the wedding and the wedding dinner:

During the dinner, I of course held a speech for mainly my brother, where I told him that I am proud of who he has become, but also that I am happy to have Maria in our family! Other than that, it was a fun dinner with some games and really good food!

With the wedding and dinner over, I drove my grandparents to Västerås so they could drive back to Arboga. After that, Astrid came over to my place, We did the usual cacao-banana-honey-vanilla ice cream drink and also some tea and sat outside on my parents veranda, listening to music, Power Meet and talking. It was a really good evening, and the weather was nice, even though it started appearing too many mosquitos after a while.

The day was really good, and I want to again congratulate Tim and Maria on getting married!

Resting day in Sweden

This day was my day off in Sweden so to say.
I drove Liz to the station as she is on a summer course in Stockholm, and then went to Johannas place to pick her up. We had breakfast at my parents place – pancakes – until she had to start working at nine.
I then went over to Jakob and stayed there until twelve. He had two New Zealanders on visit as they were working at the same place as Jakob were doing right now. We also ate lunch at Jakobs place, before I went further.
I went home to Demonen, who also was working but took a little longer lunch break. We ate apple pie and talked as usual, and I got my skirt and spoon back as she had them since my moving out-partying and cleaning.
After that I went to my old apartment to get some stuff from my room but also meet with Malin, one of the two who are living in the rest of the apartment right now. My room is really stuffed, but I managed to get the stuff I needed out!


It seems like the pair Malin and Martin is having a good time in my apartment at least, and they have furnished the apartment real good. I am happy for them!
At 1500 I met up with Ronja at the station as she was going to stay with me until the next day. We went home and talked about everything that could be talked about, and ate thai food dinner with my parents.
It was a nice day meeting all those friends, and tomorrow is the big day!

Home to Sweden

So, today was the day. After a pretty late breakfast I pitched my tent so it could dry as the last time I pitched it it was raining.
After that I went to cut my hair. As it was in bad condition, and I would also not be able to take care of it while biking, I was going to cut it short. Because I was going to attend my brothers marriage, I went to a hairdresser instead of just doing it myself or letting a friend do it. It was nice for being that sort of haircut, even though it was not really my style.

I then packed my last stuff and packed my tent again before taking the bus to the airport. The flight was leaving at 1700, so I would be in Sweden at 1900.

The service on the airplane was good. Even though it was only a two hour flight there were free drinks and sandwiches, which was nice as I had not eaten any real dinner yet.

I took the flight bus from the airport and my dad picked me up in Västerås. We went home and I met Lizzie for the evening and, of course, made pancakes as I was almost home again!