The rain/hills/cold continues, but still nice!

When I started biking in the morning, it was already raining, and 8 degrees Celsius. I started with going to the Lidl in Soria to buy food for the day, and also look for new gloves. Too bad this Lidl had car-theme instead of sports-theme.
I started biking from Soria, and it went really well! This would be my first long run in a couple of weeks, with 96 km planned. I was going on the National road instead of Autovia, but suddenly it was a warning sign that the road would be cut-off. Oh well, onto the Autovia…
I ate small lunches, consisting of bread and bananas, as I did not feel like taking my Trangia out in the rain. In Almazan I stopped by at a hotel and asked where to buy some gloves, and got the tip of Bazar Asia. I really fell in love with that store! You could really find everything, and I wanted to shop so much and send it home. It was pretty small, but shelves everywhere, crowded with random stuff! I would need this store at home.
I found a pair of gloves for 1.80 (everything in this store was also cheap) and they warmed really well!

Apparently you were not allowed to bike on this part of the Autovia, as some construction guys stopped me and told me I could get fined. They told me about the national road, and apparently my GPS is a little outdated, as I thought I was going on the only road. I went by to the N-111, and no more cars for a while, until they had a construction on the Autovia and all the cars had to go on the National for some kilometres.
In Medinaceli I asked the police about the way, and apparently the N-road would continue for three kilometres, and then I would have to take the Autovia. Suddenly legal. I guess it is only illegal if there are any other road besides.
After a while I came into a new province, which I think has a pretty funny name!

I was now close to the top, which was over 1220 metres height. Halfway to Andorra!
I got some down-hill at least, rolling Ito the first hotel I saw. It was 26 euros and no wifi on the room, so I decided to continue to the one I had seen on the Internet. 21 euros with wifi, which I later got to know was down due to the rain…
After taking a shower, I went by the small supermarket and bought chocolate pudding. Back at the room, I cooked my lasagna, which also helped the heat in the room rise a little. As the Internet was still down I went to the bar across the street. I got to borrow wifi, and the guys, including the bartender, were really interested in my traveling. I checked some courses, as I am going to apply for those to be sure to have something to do in the spring. After that, some other internet stuff and more talking, I went back to my room and ate chocolate pudding while watching TV, before going to sleep.

Wind. So f***ing much wind.

Wow. This day.
After a breakfast (I even got some from my host before she went with the bus to the festival in Zaragoza) I packed my stuff. The sister, the man of my original plan-of-host, went by and said hi before heading home from work.


Some mud…


…from yesterday’s adventures!

I started biking, from 473 metres height over sea. There was a hill in front of me, but I thought, that should be no problem. Also some wind, but no problem.
After two hundred height metres I felt a little bit tired. Also, the winds felt as one of my courses in the mountains, about 20 metres per second (that is 72 km/h). The slope was 5%. I was averaging 8-10 km/h in the hill. Wow. At least the view was great!

And it continued. More height metres, a bridge, even more winds. I had to take brakes on the plain, as the wind were too strong (the highest I experienced in my life that I know off was 26 m/s, and this was more or less that. Problems with standing straight. Took much energy to keep the bike straight.)
Then, after the uphill to 1008 metres, with a total increase of over 500 height metres, I got some downhill. What happens? Well, I have to pedal, and take brakes, because this is too. Damn. Hard!
After 28 kilometres, I am already tired, and not so little. I see a hostal (motel?) that I stay at to eat something, get out of the wind and use the wifi, and my body is so out! This felt as I usually do after 130 kilometres, and I have averaged 11.6 km/h. The next thing after the village is also another hill… so I decide that I don’t have to save every cent, and I don’t really have a time to pass (Couchsurfing, but I tell them I will not come today) so I check in. That was the best idea today. At three, I just lay down, with clothes on, and start sleeping. The best thing? It still felt pretty damn good!
The weather for tomorrow looked better, with a little rain, but not that much wind. Also, it would be about 150 metres to the highest point, instead of 535. Relaxed, knowing that even if the weather would be the same, I would probably be there in five hours, I just took it really easy. When I woke up later, I cooked the lasagna (indoors) and took a shower, talked some with a friend, and went to sleep. 30 kilometres, averaging 11.6 while biking, with many pauses. Two perfect bike days in a row!