Fixing the bike

After more pancakes for breakfast, I fixed my flat. I put my tire inside out, and found another of those metal things I had earlier, which I think I should have seen earlier.
After a new tube I went to La Linea for some shopping. 26 kilometres and 340 metres of climbing, but without luggage, it went fairly fast! It felt a little bit cold, though.
Back home, I put some GPS coordinates in my GPS and planned more for where I would go and so on. I got a tip from Martina and Michael to visit Hotel Africa in Tetouan, and as it was only 40 kilometres from Ceuta, it should be doable.
Martina made homemade hamburgers for dinner, which were really awesome, but too big to eat by hand. A real hamburger!

Time for pancakes!

I made breakfast which, of course, was pancakes.

We then went to Tarifa, where we got a view over Morocco. We were on the beach for a couple of minutes but the wind was too strong, so it was like a small sandstorm.

We walked out to the most South part of Europe, and on the way out we stopped and watches the skilled kite surfers.


On our way home we stopped by at a looking point and got some pictures of Morocco.


That is Morocco in the background!

Home again, we ate home made pizza, which was nice but a little bit too strong.
In the evening we went into La Linea to a small tapas bar we ate really wonderful epic nice meat. It was too awesome!

We went by another tapas bar and then went back home.

South time!

I went up at 0930, and started fixing my bike while trying to get Asha and Dominic up. They went and shopped ingredients while I put on a new tube and some oil on my bike.
When they came back, I started making awesome pancakes while people were playing with my camera.


The pancakes were being made, and as usual, I do never do too few pancakes!

We had many things to choose from!



Not everyone knows
how to eat pancakes.

It was a pretty crazy morning that was really funny, or maybe not morning as it was twelve o’clock. The weather were really nice, so a perfect pancake morning!

After the long breakfast I started packing, and Dominic and Asha helped me get all the things down.


This picture reminds me
of the movie Leon!

At 1340 I started biking to my next stop, Toledo!

It was warm and sunny, and the wind were good, more or less zero. On the way I saw really many bunnies, apparently they are living by the road side!


They were really hard to catch on photo; this is their homes, the small holes in the wall!

It went pretty fast with not many stops on the way, but on one of the stops I ate the chocolate Dominic and Asha had been cute enough to buy for me!

At 1730 I was at the meeting place, and met up with Angeles!
She and her flatmate were really nice and easy to talk to. After a shower and some food, we went shopping for some food for me, and drinks for the evening.
When they were going out, I was too tired from the biking and not sleeping much the night before, so I stayed in bed instead. That felt as a smart idea 12 hours later, I think I really needed that sleep!